Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kemaman Hilight in Success News..


Congratulation for Kemaman Stockist for a hilighted in Success News on Jan'09 edition..

That wuz a great appreciation for Kemaman's owner and all the crews ( All UAs and MD2s)..

This issue wuz distributed to all Maxcare members over the world (Malaysia la.. :) )..

And we recieved a lot of 'congratulation' (phone call & sms) from others members from Johor, Penang, KL & Selangor, Kelantan, Terengganu and also from Kemaman.. And thanks a lot for all for ur wishes.. :)

And i also want to say Congratulation for all Kemaman Crews for our current success.. And there are more 'successful in waiting' for us right now.. Improve ourselves and goodluck for success journey's..

Actually, im not a fluen person in english & my SPM english was 8 on aggregate.. What's the poor english that i have.. Huhu.. And now, i don't know what im writing about.. Hahaha..

By the way.. Have a fun read :)


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