Thursday, March 26, 2009

PMCA Mini Autocom 2009

Tag Name for Maxoil Squad

Maxoil was glad to be a part of sponsors for a great motor event, PMCA Mini Autocom 2009 organized by Triple K..

Date : 28 & 29 March 2009
Venue : Mahkota Square (Taman Kerang) Kuantan

This event also include others event like:

- Auto Saloon
- Motor Saloon
- Audio Blast
- Drift Demo
- and etc.

Tq for all PMCA crews especially Mr Zamry, Mr Wan & Mr Yusri for the well co-orperation..

Goodluck for the event..

For all Maxoil Squad.. Have a great day on our great performance.. :)

Goodluck All !!

See u there ;)


  1. perhhhhh.... aku bango kat muuu.... tahniah.... nk join boleh,..???

  2. join buleh..

    tp nak join ape ek bro?


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